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I am excited to launch my new website! A labor of love, of my own creation. A site to explore possibilites for the well being of one self! 

Through my healing journey i've learned focusing on the end results is an illusion that holds false hope. When letting go the belief of what the outcomes should be, I welcomed more opportitunes.  

This site, is not just a place to schedule but see me in my elelemt of who i am as a healer and a person. M21y practice is the way i live my life.

Always by exploring, going deeper, being curious, allowing those big feelings to felt, to be heard, to be seen. 

Healing is not just about being cured, its about being curious of what is possible through the journey of exploring the body, and soul. 

What's to Come

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Ascension Blog

The Ascension Healing blog is a space where we can come together to discover the limitless possibilities of the human experience. Explore topics such as energy healing, meditation, and spiritual growth while connecting with others on the same journey. Let's discover our inner power and transform our lives together.

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Experience the transformative effects of energy healing services. Dallas  utilizes various methods such as Reiki, oracle card readings and quantum healing to promote relaxation and clarity. Whether you’re in need of physical or emotional healing, Dallas is guide for your journey towards wellbeing.

Healing Bath Tea

Dallas creates unique Bath Teas offering a truly restorative experience that integrates energy work into your self-care routine. Her tea bags are a ritual for the body and soul, composed of an array of organic herbs, flowers and mineral salts to encourage deep relaxation and holistic healing. Enhance your bathing experience and connect to your inner self through our energy-infused Bath Tea.

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